Print & deliver your ads on the back of the best photo prints in the world for as little as 1¢ all–in.

1st class prints
1st class mail
From 1¢ all in

On July 1st 1885, the day the service was introduced, sending a first-class letter cost 2¢. 129 years later Flag can print and deliver your ads by first class mail, for just 1¢. That’s progress.

No one's ever rescued a box of junk mail from a burning building.

Tap to see the ad on the back of this photo.

Important photos deserve to be printed.

Prints can’t be lost to a power cut, a bankruptcy or a virus. They look great whatever the quality of your monitor or phone. You can see them regardless of the social networks you’ve signed up for and they’ll be as accessible in a hundred years as they are today. They can fit into a wallet or fill an entire wall.

They’re irreplacable.

Unfortunately printing is so expensive, complicated and time consuming most of us can’t be bothered to do it even though we know we should.

That’s why we made Flag, an app that delivers the world’s best photo prints­­—for fre­e­.

You can go from downloading the app to receiving your first set of prints without giving us any payment information (in fact you need never give us payment information). There are no shipping fees or hidden charges. Free means free­—an offer which makes Flag unique.

The key is advertising. Flag prints ads on the back of people’s photos, the ads pay for the prints, and the prints ensure the ads are seen, kept and treasured.

It’s a virtuous cycle in which people get the best photo prints possible free and advertisers get attention and goodwill. The only downside? Limited availability.

Important ads deserve to be printed too.

Tap to see the ad on the back of this photo.

Meet Lucy, your new Ad Director.

There’s no ad you, or anyone else, can design which Lucy’s mom likes as much as this photo of Lucy. A million dollars, and all the time in the world, aren’t going to buy you a joke, offer or concept that even comes close.

When Flag prints your ads on the back of a photo someone loves you don’t have to waste time and money trying to keep your ad out of the trash, or getting people’s attention. Simply say what’s important, and try to send a message that will work as well in a decade as it does today. Lucy’s mom isn’t going to throw this photo away.

Target ads by name & address

Demographic targeting combines addresses and other public data to infer people’s income, interests and attitudes based on their lives. With Flag it’s free.

Demographic targeting

Name Zipcode Est. income
Mr. A. Echolls 90909 High
Mr. S. Bear 20252 Low
Mrs. P. Banks 90909 High
L. Smokey Esq. 20252 Low

Say we're looking to target people with enough disposable income to afford a new local dog-grooming service. Comparing zipcodes and public census data allows Flag to estimate people’s income from their address.

Target ads by lifestyle & locale

Along with an image, every digital photo also contains information called metadata. The model of camera, its settings, when and where a photograph was taken and more can all be recorded.

Flag can read this data and use it to work out how people like to spend their time and money more accurately than by an address alone.

The cost of someone’s camera and its age can identify wealthy people in less wealthy areas. GPS data makes it easy to see who spends time near your business, even if they don’t live close by, and who likes to travel.

Using metadata, direct evidence of people’s behavior, for targeting is free with Flag.

Metadata targeting

Name Camera Est. income
Mr. A. Echolls New phone High
Mr. S. Bear New DSLR High
Mrs. P. Banks Old phone Medium
L. Smokey Esq. Old camera Low

People’s equipment can give clues to their income which are more precise than demographics alone. This changes our target group to include someone from a ‘Low Income' zipcode based on their expensive camera.

Target ads by photograph

Flag can scan the photos people upload and understand what’s in them.

We can find logos and branding, identify faces, and make smart guesses about people’s gender and age.

Combined with demographics and metadata it allows for the most accurate ad targeting possible without paying for, or bothering people with, a survey. While people answering questions forget, photos don’t.

Photographic targeting

Name Dog photos? Pet owner?
Mr. A. Echolls Yes Yes
Mr. S. Bear No No
Mrs. P. Banks No No
L. Smokey Esq. Yes Yes

Looking for dogs in photos, and knowing how often they appear, allows Flag to guess at who owns a dog. In our example this narrows the target group to a single individual and saves you from sending ads to the wrong people.

Personalize your ads

Personalizing marketing material has always been complicated, expensive and worthwhile—74% of members of the Direct Mail Association say its the single best way to increase response rates.

With Flag variable data printing–as the pros call it–is free. It enables you to customize your ads so that each recipient receives a message which addresses them by name.

Write this...

<First name>,...

Get this...

Great design made simple

You don't need to be a designer, or to hire one, to advertise with Flag. Our app makes it easy to create compelling ads quickly on your phone or tablet.

As your ads appear on the back of photos people want to see, you don't need to worry about a simple design being ignored. Photos aren’t junk. You already have people’s attention.

Going beyond our app’s built in tools is easy. Any design which meets Flag’s specifications can be uploaded and used as an ad.


People trust Flag with their photos, addresses and metadata. We take that trust seriously.

Many companies sell people’s data and claim it’s secure because the information they release has been anonymized. Flag does not.

Anonymization involves withholding information in an effort to obscure people’s identity. Names, social security numbers and street addresses are typically redacted.

Unfortunately the ability to re-identify individuals by comparing their ‘anonymized’ information with other sets of data has been repeatedly demonstrated.

The failure of anonymization to work as expected when tested means the only safe option is not to sell, share or trade people’s data at all.

That’s the choice we have made at Flag.

It means advertisers get access to less specific data than they expect, but that people can use Flag anonymously.

A compromise which may cost us some but which buys us the respect and trust of our users.

It’s a decision we’re comfortable with.

Can Flag advertisers?

View people's photos? 
View names and addresses? 
View anonymized personal information? 
Download people’s data? 

How it works

CHOOSE who you want to target.

DESIGN, or upload, an ad.

DECIDE how much you want to pay.

BUY your ads, they start at just 1¢.


Flag ads start at 1¢.

Prices are set based on demand via auction with ads sold to people who have submitted the highest bids when the auction closes.

Ads can be purchased at a fixed price, which ends the auction process and guarantees ad placement and pricing.

You pay


You get

$50 of ads

You pay


You get

$1,000 of ads
+ $250 of laser cutting
+ $250 enlargements

You pay


You get

$10,000 of ads
+ free laser cutting forever!
+ $250 enlargements